2017 - “The Maytown Adventure” - The long awaited return to the cameras after 5 years, and also to the Maytown Track! After unsuccessfully attempting to tow through in 2005, another attempt is made!
This is a twin-disc 2-part adventure in the one case!
Disc 1 - takes in the beauty of Fraser Island, past Nkgala Rocks to Sandy Cape, back to Eli Creek, Central Station & Lake Mackenzie, then across Hervey Bay with the Humpback Whales, to central Qld’s Cania & Cobbold Gorges, back out to the coast above Cairns, to tow through the Creb Track, visiting Roaring Meg Falls, out to catch up with Eddie Deemal, before heading up to Silver Plains Station on Cape York’s eastern coastline for some crabbing and fishing.
Disc 2 - is the return to again try towing through the Old Coach Road - Maytown Track, a historical route that was used for carting gold out of the Palmer River in the late 1800’s, and these days is a 4WD enthusiasts dream drive. It leads out to the incredible sight of the many mine's and town ruins, all very steeped with history! The track itself was by far the most formidable, especially with an onset of rain, and towing through, but one of the most rewarding in the finish! Has a fantastic blend of footage, with an incredible music accompaniment by the very talented Matt & Lauren James!
Duration - Disc 1 - 1 hr 59 mins / Disc 2 - 1hr 53 mins

Gall Boys Maytown Adventure discstwin discs

2012 - “Queensland’s Coral Coast” - from the Whitsunday’s to the rugged beauty of Verilya Point on the western side of the Cape, to Usher Point on the eastern side. A great blend of travel, fishing, crabbing and family interaction, and some great pranks including the ‘Crocodile in the Crab Pot’ featured multiple times on USA shows. A really good watch!
Duration 2hr’s 20’mins


2010 - “Crossin’ the Canning Stock Route” - A trip around the Gulf up to Shady Camp to see the rare sight of mullet spawning through hundreds of waiting Saltwater Crocodiles, some Barra fishing, to then head around the Daly River and on to the Gibb River Road & visit to the Home Valley Station! Across from here and then down the Canning Stock Route to well 36, and back across the Gary Junction Road to Alice Springs and home. A fantastic movie, with great highlights from the nature side, to 4WD travel & remote adventure!
Duration - 2hr’s 20’ mins 


2008 - “The Far NQ Adventure” - With the highlight reel at  10 Million views on You Tube, this is by far the most popular of the movie series. A brilliant unfolding adventure up Far North Queensland, from the Creb Track, to Eddies outside Hopevale, out to Bathurst Bay & Chile Beach, and along the entire Old Telegraph Track to the very tip of Cape York!  A fantastic watch with brilliant musical accompaniment by Matty James!
Duraton - 2hrs 25 min's 


2007 - “Makin’ the Most of the Fraser Coast” - Starting in Noosa, this run heads up Double Island, around Rainbow Beach & the notorious coffee rock section, onto the beauty of Fraser Island, to take in the magic of Lake Mackenzie from above, to the Maheno Wreck! From here across Hervey Bay up to Baffle Creek and 1770!
Duration 1hr 55’ mins


2005 - “Taklin’ the Top End” - Starting from Cairns, this trip takes in towing a van up through the Creb Track up to see Eddie Deemal outside Hopevale for an incredible experience to be guided and see traditional methods of spearing mullet, while taking in the stunning remote beauty of one of the most special spots in Australia. From bushfires, to a run out to attempt a crossing of the Maytown Track, back to the coast for a run out to the Great Barrier Reef, then around the gulf and finishing off at Darwin’s Middle Beach Markets! A real adventurous watch!
Duration 2hrs 20’min's


2003 - "Free Campin’ the Outback" - A trip through the Queensland outback, with a visit to take in the spectacle of the   ‘Birdsville Races’, from the races themselves, to the sights, characters and even a look inside the famous ‘Fred Brophy’s Boxing Tent’. From here to Riversleigh Station to see the pure waters that feed Lawn Hill NP, and onto Escott Lodge in the Gulf. A great travelogue and interesting look at what a trip to these areas can offer!
Duration 1hr’ 20mins


2002 - “The Rugged Cape York Adevnture “ - Well….. where the more off-road adventures began, with Dave jumping in the driver’s seat! Towing a van through the entire Old Telegraph Track, Gunshot Creek, and the infamous Log Bridge crossings to the tip of Cape York! One of the most popular and talked about of the movie series!
Duration 1hr 20’mins 


2001 - "Circle the Gulf "- the 2nd in the series, and a great trip from Brisbane, to Mataranka Springs in the NT, Kakadu NP, and back around the Gulf, from the Limmen Bight River for some Barramundi fishing, to Borroloola & Karrumba for some mud crabbing. From getting chased by a Water Buffalo, to the magic of the remote areas, has a great soundtrack and all that is an unfolding trip to enjoy!
Duration 1hr 15’mins 


1999 - "Journey The Kimberley" - This was the entry into the Gall Family adventures. It’s a fantastic trip, that even though on the earlier camera equipment, has a beautifully raw feel about it. The 12,000km trip covers from Brisbane up to Shady Camp in the NT, getting stuck in the small boats at night in the Mary River - Shady Camp with the Saltwater Crocs, to then travel across the Kimberley, including El Questro, the Gibb River Road, Broome, Cape Le Veque, Tanami Desert and home…. all accompanied by beautiful music of both Matt James, & Tony O’Connor.
Duration 1hr 15’mins 


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